Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Neopets on Halloween

  TODAY, on Neopets, you can gamble once, anytime, to raise your pet one level. The dice are cute, or I wouldn't have mentioned it. And if you don't have a neopet, you profoundly won't care. But the dice are still cute. Dice game

And just in case you cared about that, there are Halloween gifts on Neopets.
There's a list of them here:,
scroll down just a little way.

Sometimes I go through phases of what seems to be cocooning. Lately I've played video games while I was thinking. It seems the thinking leads up to burst-of-energy phases. I used to feel guilty about it, but now I relax into it and I don't worry. The urge to go too fast and do too much will return before long, and some of the thoughts that come during the more still times are good ones!

Maybe this is another advantage to having older children. Mine are asleep right now, and later they're going out together to do Halloween things. They made costumes I hardly had to help with at all, and all I have to do is hang out and distribute candy to strangers. I guess it's candy-from-strangers day!

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