Monday, October 29, 2007

Unschooling news and other blogs of mine

I do realize that some blogs can be set up with all kinds of categorization of posts, but I would forget to categorize. My own blog organization has been to make another blog. Few are interested in *all* my stuff. So I have the following blogs to report:

News of the Unschooling pages (see above, and the sidebar to the left)
News of the SCA pages (to the left and Duckford dot blogspot)

Unschooling in the news, in a blog Laura Derrick started and that she's shared out since with Joyce Fetteroll, Pam Sorooshian and me: Unschooling dot blogspot

The lyrics game (the only blog I go to every day) LyricsGame dot blogspot (and that one has an adjunct blog for discussion of that blog... yeah. Really.)

And then there's the odd one, the one about love. Love: Romantic Biochemistry. It's usually very quiet, and that's fine. It should be prescribed to those who are contemplating whether they're in love, or whether the hot passion of early love can last. It, too, involves song lyrics as historical proof that rhyming philosophers have thought deeply about those questions. I've only posted there three times this year, but I really like it. I have it set so people can read from the beginning on. There are fewer than 20 posts altogether, but they're good ones!

Then there's one orphaned blog at that wasn't easy to edit, and kept getting irritating spam.

This is the full disclosure of my blogs, once I note, where I don't write much, but where I admire photos of Holly and other young friends.

Below there's a question about something in a photo. The object is here and here.


Anonymous said...

Sandra, over in the Lyrics game blog you have a photo of what I think is a rainbox on your kitchen counter? It is wooden and has metal discs inside. I was wondering if this really works and is soothing and how long it lasts.
Thanks (couldn't find your email)

Sandra Dodd said...

Kirby and I found it at a thrift store. It's beautiful.

You turn it upside down and little steel balls smaller than BBs fall to top surface. There are three sticky places on the wood. My husband thinks maybe some kind of sap. I figure 3M repositionable spray fixative (basically what's on the back of sticky-notes). We don't know for sure.

So the little steel balls are stuck (I'm looking at it) to those circles. There are maybe 400 of them. Probably 600. Lots.

Then you turn it over and the balls fall onto three little hard-mounted cymbals. Brass bells, but with more flat than bell, with a rod through the middle, to the top and bottom of the box. Three different tones. I'm timing it.

If it were popcorn I still wouldn't have taken it out. Still going. A minute and 45 seconds, it has slowed down quite a bit, but still some tings.

Two minutes, I would take it out if it were popcorn.


At three minutes the last few are falling.

I turned off the stopwatch, and a few fell after that. So how long it lasts must be over five minutes, because there are still a couple of dozen balls stuck up there. That's enough time to get pretty deep into meditation, were an experienced person to to use it for such a purpose.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info! This is where I saw something similar.
You can see the price and I was wondering about the 15 minute claim.

Sandra Dodd said...

Maybe they have better stickiness. I guess this one probably sent six minutes? I was thinking of getting more patient people than I am to time it.

Maybe even fifteen. But I can't sit and wait fifteen minutes for anything.