Wednesday, June 18, 2008

fleeting, long-term

Two exciting big things happened today. One was fleeting. One is a five-year commitment.

Marty, Holly, Brett (her boyfriend) and I went to the train station to meet and visit Pam, Roxana and Rosie Sorooshian, as they had a 45 minute stop in Albuquerque on their journey to New York City.

The video is not momentous.

When Pam called me from Gallup, I asked if we should bring anything, and she said they could use a block of ice for their little cooler, if I had something. I had a frozen Gatorade bottle and a reuseable ice pack.

Holly was asking Roxana and Rosie about their intentions for those. They got out of a cool train into the SERIOUS heat Albuquerque is having, so the ice packs were getting some immediate personal use.

The first one is a photo of the candid mirror symmetry of crossed legs. That was determined after it was taken and found in the batch.

We got to walk them out to the train, and that was nice.

Other photos of our brief but happy gathering are here:

All morning before that I had been at the credit union, trying to figure out how to complete the deal so that Marty could have this:

It was 4:00 or so before he really had keys and was sitting in it, ready to drive off the lot. It was an exhausting day for me, but a rich one.

A forty-five minute visit seems small compared to the purchase of one's first automobile, but looking back on a longer life, I know that friendships well tended can outlast several cars and trucks! I'm pretty sure that when Marty's Jeep is all paid for and he's moved on to other vehicles and passions, he'll still be friends with the Sorooshians.

When they pass through again in a week and a half, maybe they can see the Jeep! We'll definitely be waiting at the train station.


Madeline said...

What beautiful families you both have. I love what you wrote. I'm all va-klempt (or something). I've forgotten that perfect Hebrew word for the feeling. Nice first car!

kelli said...

That's great you got to see them for that bit. :)

And.. CONGRATS Marty!! It's awesome!

gail said...

Nice wheels, Marty! Brenna is headed to New York City from Danielle Conger's house tomorrow morning. I like the idea of her being there at the same time as Pam and her girls. Will be very glad to have her safely home, though.