Sunday, June 22, 2008

a little poster grows up

Holly has my three copies of that Donovan handbill. I gave one to her and one to her boyfriend and she asked if she could have all three to put up on the wall together. (I introduced this in my blog on June 4.)

So the art above isn't my scan times three, it's a photo of those three with Holly superimposed artfully. We don't really have three giant Donovan posters. It's been a long time since I heard the phrase "a photo doesn't lie."

Marty's home! He was housesitting for a week and a bit, across town. Now he's back in his own bed. He was staying there because of dogs and chickens, so today he might get to sleep a while in relative quiet. He'll get up and put his armor on and go to practice, probably (well, the other way around, but still...).

Kirby will be here for five or six days at the end of July, so we can have a joint birthday party. My birthday is the 24th and his is the 29th. He'll be 22 and I'll be 55.

The night before last I had long, long seemed-like-realtime dreams. One long story, with a short break for me to become aware enough to think "this is the longest dream I've had for years" and then I was back into it. It was like a novel—like a long, slow dramatic mystery novel. I didn't order it; I didn't plan it. Yesterday I was emotionally exhausted and sensitive, and figured out at some point I must have been emotionally drained from my marathon dream. So last night I took pills to try to sleep more like a log and less like a soap opera. I doubt I'll want to become dependent on thought-prevention pills. It's just totally not my style.

I did think of The Rolling Stones' "Mothers Little Helper," though. I generally figured that was about valium. Maybe amphetamines. I never wondered much about it until just now. I was too young to identify (until just now). Or maybe this is the first time I've thought of that song since I was old enough to potentially identify. What was a little yellow pill in the 1960's? My mom had valium but it was kinda purple. And the "pep pills" here in those days were white (hence "whites"). I need 40 year old drug information from the U.K.

(I actually wrote this one before the five-places meme below, and I've moved this up so it won't get lost. Kirby's coming home! That's important information.)


Frank said...

Well, 40 years ago here in the US, diazepam (Valium) came in 2mil (white), 5 mil (yellow), and 10 mil (blue). I suspect it was the same in the UK. So, I'd guess your mom's were 10s. Party time!

People who are unused to this class of drugs or sensitive to it will get pretty smacked by a single 2-mil.

Anyway, the song is probably referring to 5-mil Valium. My opinion is that it is; but there was such a rainbow of drugs available in those days...

~K~ said...

Yeh, what I found is what Frank says. What's funny is my google had a link to this very blog post asking about it on the same page. There was Sandra Dodd right below the entry for the Leo Sternbach, the developer of Valium. Seems it's methylamine mixed with benzodiazepine. The article says Leo thought of it a little helper: a marriage saver and suicide averter. Better living through chemicals, eh?


~K~ said...

Well I messed up the link. Here's the shorter version:


Sandra Dodd said...

Thanks, Katherine!

Some comment forms and message boards will build a link, but here you need to build your own. I made some directions for another blog and they're here:

Interesting that my question showed before google filled the page with Rolling Stones commentary or 60's trivia. I guess we're building it as we go.
Thanks for helping!