Saturday, May 16, 2009

Humor, Literature and Real Life

I didn't write or make this. It's gone around. I got it from CrookedBrains which cited another site that's not there now.

It reminds me of Holly, who is going to Iowa for over a week, and then to Austin, and then after she goes to a conference with the family in September, is planning to move to Oregon. Can she *DO* that!? I mean seriously. She's not an orphan. Why would she want an adventure?

I got up to get food, and was joking with Holly. She didn't know I had been writing about her move. She asked me," What are your thoughts about me moving to Oregon, because I feel like I'm getting mixed signals from you."

I said "You're getting a clear signal! I have mixed thoughts."

The trip to Iowa has mostly to do with learning more about photography and photoshop. She will be with Chris/Zamozo's family, and then go to Austin to see Kirby for a few days. The Oregon plan is less certain, but it's somewhere between possible and likely that she'll go to live with Diana/hahamommy for a while. "A while" might be a polite mother-soothing euphemism.

Holly got lipstick that matches my glasses:


Alex Polikowsky said...

what about the boyfriend?

Sandra Dodd said...

They're all kissy-face, and he's been planning to move into an apartment with a friend of his in a month of two anyway. I'm not sure, and maybe they're not sure, but it all seems sweet and positive, whatever it is.

Ronnie said...

Whoa. I feel unprepared for this, so I can imagine how you're feeling!

Renee Cabatic said...

WOW~~~I am having mixed feelings/thoughts also!
I might get to meet Holly --how cool would that be!! (seriously cool!!!)
But I am also known to weep at the closed door when my 8 yr olds spend the night away from home!!!

~Crystal~ said...

OHHHHH Holly so knows how much I LOVE the color. FABULOUS!

Lisa said...

Oregon is a wonderful place to live, says this transplanted New Mexican!

Dawn said...

That Harry Potter thing is priceless. I have never seen it. I'm going to forward that to my daughter. Thanks for sharing.