Monday, August 03, 2009

More of Wales, before I get confused

The Church of Saints Julius and Aaron, in Llanharan. Another beautiful Victorian church made to look medieval. VERY nice people, and lots of them. A great deal of singing. I sat between Joy and a man with a rich Welsh voice. He was easy to follow. The hymnal didn't have music, just lyrics.

In the floral arrangement, all the flowers were from the garden of one of the ladies in the church. Look at all the occurrences of three in it. Very much a trinity situation.

That door was HEAVY, and had a big key in it. The latch worked well and the hinges were awesome, and so it could be opened to leave during the service to go to the toilet in the other building without disturbing people, we learned (or we hope).

The pews were especially interesting—interesting angle, and each pew end had three pegged joints. (If Keith or Wendy or someone can tell me the name for a pegged... tenon? I'll replace this with better information.)

That's where I went to church on Sunday, August 2. Joy went with me. I have other photos. We went to a museum that afternoon. We went to another town the next morning (Monday, today, but it seems days ago) and saw another, older church. I have photos. It might take a while to get those all uploaded, uprighted, and described. I'm happy but exhausted.


Photos of the faggot I ate, as representative Welsh food, and the shops it came from. Thanks again, Joy!

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kelli said...

The church looks so much like the set on Vicar of Dibley that Abbi and I like to watch. What fun you're having, how great :)