Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Gratitude Project, Week Four of Six

This is coming in the middle of The Monkey Platter Festival, and so just in case I don't have time to get to the computer and write, I'm making one in advance.

1. I'm grateful to have several pairs of shoes. Often when I was a kid I only had one.

2. I'm grateful to have met all my grandparents. I was ten when the first one died, and grown with two children when the last one died.

3. I'm glad the physical therapists at the rehab center knew how to help me get my leg functional and strong again.

4. I'm grateful that a wooden hot tub made from a kit can last five years. (Maybe more, but five so far.)

5. I'm grateful for my MacBook because it's awesome and portable.

Week 3

Week 2

Week 1


Frank said...

I'm becoming such a positive person. There might be something to this gratitude thing. (wink)

Tracy said...

I saw this and I loved it. Kept thinking I'd jump in and include myself, and here you all are on week four!

Never too late!

I'm grateful for gratitude posts that always have a little something in them to remind me how much good is out there in the world.

Sandra Dodd said...

I'm grateful that Frank is becoming a more positive person.

I'm grateful that the Monkey Platter business is going well. We have nine more people in the house tonight than we usually do, but it's been tons of fun. On more day of overwhelming activity, and then *just* the company! (Having a great time; photos here: