Saturday, March 20, 2010

Holly leaving for Quebec

This morning at the airport:

P.S. Holly called me from Denver. She's a sweetie.

Then Keith and I went on errands, and came home and put groceries away. Because I continued to attempt to overlook and cover my agitation that Holly is in the sky somewhere above water and snow, Keith took me here:...

...for the purpose of consuming green chile and potatoes until I was in a stupor, and orange margaritas until I was inebriated, and no longer could have the startle-response every time I thought about where Holly might be right at whichever minute.

And so full, and drunk, I am going to sleep.

Oh, right. Keith had green chile carne adovada. Not traditional, but pork marinated in green chile instead of red, and it was awesome. (We were at the Garduño's at Winrock mall. And one of the photos is "Lenten Specials," being fish and chile in various permutations.)


Lynch Family said...

Quebec is my third favorite place to visit (after Scotland and leaving room for someplace to top that!) Many good wishes to Holly!

Sandra Dodd said...

Oh, hey! When I go to the post office this afternoon, one of the books is going to Glenrothes, Fife!

Holly called from Denver. She's peachy.

gail said...

I'm always uneasy when the kids are flying....or driving anywhere a long distance from home. They are great about calling so I don't go completely crazy! :-)I love Bea and know Holly is going to have a wonderful time.

Sandra Dodd said...

Holly is safely at Bea's house. Hooray! I did get to sleep, so that was good for me. It hadn't occurred to me that with Skype if a person is in the bed, when the call comes, well... there's the bed.

Her checked bag is separated from her, but they intend to deliver it to Bea's house tomorrow.

Glenda said...

I read the first part of the post this morning, and thought of you on and off today, knowing that Mama-type thoughts would be going through your mind. I was glad to come back to the post tonight and see that you'd updated it to say Holly made it safely to Bea's. Bummer about the luggage delay, but at least she has her electronics! Yay for Keith taking you for a meal and margaritas :).