Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Unblocking creativity

First of all, that's not my truck, and not my goat. Just a photo. It was in a set of photos on the same blog I'm about to write about.

You can click it to see some more photos as cool as that one. I like the snow sculptures added to the bronze monument.

So anyway... on this blog today there was a list. I like the blog. It's by and for intense web/blog guys who work in intense offices, it seems, doing intense computer stuff. It hadn't occurred to me that people could grow up SO much in that atmosphere that traditional, obvious, normal things would be worth putting on a list, but here's the list:

Offline ways to keep your creative fluids going

It's a list of things, with some photos and descriptions. It's inspirational and all, but so... so... mundane? So ¡Duh!

It's worth looking at if you're interested, but I will summarize for you the things to do offline to spur your creativity:
Take a break and rest.
Read a book or magazine.
Come back to it later.
Change your work area.
Take out your pencil.
Get inspiration from others. (not online, though... seriously)
Listen to music.
Do something totally different.
Build up confidence.
Make notes.
Write down lists like this.

The notes there might make it seem less like different angles of "take a break."

But here, then. I saw it on a blog and brought it to MY blog, and some people reading online might thereby find ways to find more creativity. Offline.

That is a snake. With legs. Eating its own tail.
Not my truck; not my goat; not my snake.

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