Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kind of a ghost of me

I forget the name of this effect... embossed, I think. It's been available on Photoshop for years, but Marty's new phone can make a video with it (and other effects).

Marty and I were talking about things on the calendar. The calendar and the art on the wall in our kitchen all look like they're carved into plaster. Fun!

Yesterday Marty went driving for fun, and his jeep is appropriately muddy today.

Holly's luggage was delivered early yesterday afternoon, and that's good! (She preceded her luggage by two days.)

Keith's arm is getting stronger, little by little.

I was reorganizing my office yesterday and find myself buried in photos I should scan or file or trash or distribute. Too many photos. But I love seeing all those faces of people I love.

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Deanne said...

That is a cool effect!