Saturday, April 24, 2010

Extra visitors to

It's not like the David Bowie letter spike, which went to over 90,000 in one day, but visits to my site more than doubled last Monday when unchooling was in the news, and spiked again on Friday when a parenting site ran the interview about my family. I have had a few e-mails, not a lot, which means there are many more people reading than writing. That's fine. It means more people are aware of the option and this summer should bring more new unschoolers than most summers bring.

My site usually gets between one and two thousand hits a day. Today/Saturday shows low because the day isn't over (and it's Saturday and unschoolers are probably tired of reading anything this week, after all the ruckus).


Glenda said...

Holy moly, that's insane that you had over 90,000 hits when you posted about the David Bowie letter!!

I'm sure tired of reading ruckus-related stuff, and I didn't respond to nearly as much of it as I know others have. To offset the ruckus, I've been using the "randomize me" feature on your site -- the handful of pages I've read thus far are ones I hadn't read before, so that's pretty cool.

Sandra Dodd said...

Not when I posted about it. That went up years ago, the letter and my notes. But a newish-then blog called Letters of Note found it and passed it on and it was picked up and repeated all over the places. That's why the people visited my site, because so many other places linked to the letter where I had it.

So there aren't so many people paying attention to unschooling as there are to David Bowie. :-)

Sandra Dodd said...

4/24 ended up with 1729 hits. Back under 2,000, but not so low.