Friday, June 04, 2010

Kid-shorthand recipe

This is note-taking by a child of the recipe for making French toast. He wrote quickly, as the mom told him how to do it, went and made great French toast, and later the mom found his notes:

See if you can interpret it before you look at the full story. It's really cool.
Sam's Recipe


Unschoolers Rock the Campground said...

My oldest has a cookbook full of pages just like this. I love that she goes to it and recreates all her recipes. (Most are her own)

Eileen Smithdeal said...

Hi Sandra! I read your blog faithfully and was so pleasantly surprised and amused to see today's
entry :) Thanks for thinking of us!

Lynch Family said...

Seems obvious: eggs, crack them, stir them with a fork, add cinnamon, dip bread, cook

I will make this recipe tomorrow morning.