Sunday, June 13, 2010

SUNDAY, Sunday, Sunday

It was after midnight when my plane got in. Having been in the airports of Atlanta, Montreal, Detroit, Newark and Minneapolis since I left home, I want to brag up one of the many good things about the Albuquerque airport: In at the gates where people are waiting, there is free internet, just in the air. Just free. And there are tables with long strips of outlets. Nice chairs.

In the waiting area where people wait for passengers, there's internet and outlets, too.

Here is my cat Mina, on Keith's wooden bear, this morning:

Meanwhile, back in Quebec, Holly was out collecting 25 mosquito bites in Hudson. Here's my favorite of a set of images on her friend Catherine's page:

I know that gate! It's in the middle of where the market day is in Hudson. I've been there! (Not at night...)

Marty and I just got back from seeing the new Karate Kid movie. NICE. There are enough familiar plot points to be comfortable, and enough surprises to keep it lively. Jackie Chan, as usual, has a few special moments. The look on his face when he sees what his student is doing for the last point in the last bout at the tournament was great!


Glenda said...

Welcome home :).

I'm hoping we'll catch Karate Kid this week. In the previews we saw at the theater, the cinematography looked awesome, and I *love* Jackie Chan.

Cap'n Franko said...


Oh, sorry, I got caught up in the moment.