Thursday, June 03, 2010

Quebec, and seeing Holly!

On the way it was almost nothing but clouds, but finally when we were approaching we flew low for a long time, in one of the little Canadair jets. I saw water, farms in unusual arrangements, flat and slow rivers with roads on both sides. Farm houses right at the edge of the St. Lawrence. A quarry, right in town. Trees as high as the fourth and fifth stories of buildings.

It's nice being with Holly in everyday ways. She said as soon as I got here it seemed normal. It's hard to describe, and we've been speaking on Skype so she had shown me most of the house, inside and out. We visited a little market and a park in the next town up, Hudson. There's a building with an American flag on it (in addition to Canada and Quebec). The people we were with didn't know why it was there, so if anyone here does, let me know.

The photos aren't really great or special, but they'll help us remember the day. It was darkly overcast all day and very comfortable. I got to meet one of the kids Holly's age that she's been hanging out with.

Meant to add these in the first place--kids playing at the playground.

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Glenda said...

"She said as soon as I got here it seemed normal." -- Very sweet :). Skype and phone and email are all great, but there's nothing that compares to being able to hug each other!