Sunday, October 27, 2013

Zebra Day

One day, there were lots of zebras and zebra-like things.
 photo DSC09053.jpg  photo DSC09067.jpg

 photo DSC09101.jpg

The building reflected on these cars (click to enlarge), and across, there were striped awnings:
 photo DSC09137.jpg  photo DSC09139.jpg

Kept on seeing stripes!
 photo DSC09141.jpg  photo DSC09177.jpg

On this one, the zebra's legs faded into the tiger's stripes. It shows in the photo, but it wasn't the purpose or intent of the photo. The second one is the tiger on the Encino merry-go-round (the first one shows up top), and the stripes were carved into the wood.

 photo DSC09173.jpg  photo DSC09173.jpg

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