Tuesday, December 05, 2006


This weekend Marty went to Cheyenne, Wyoming for an SCA event, a feast with games, and then to a war practice (SCA melees) in Fort Collins, Colorado. Grown female friends of ours who live in Denver reported before Marty was home that had learned to play fantan and backgammon and had had a good time. "Bardolf is a wonderful guy--so sayeth Wendy and I agree," was the exact quote. ["Bardolf" is Marty's SCA name.] The driver and organizer of the trip is in his 40's. The other three were in 40's, 30's, 20's. Marty is 17. Today I was told: "He was a blast. It was just great having him there. He's a really funny guy....He was sure great to be around."

Yesterday I heard how wonderful Kirby was at a birthday party in November, and specifically how suprising it had been to the hostess that Kirby spent a long time laughing and talking with her dad, who's 60ish.

While I was hearing that story, Holly was outside the window, playing on a playground with other unschooled kids, only one of whom was also a teen (the one whose birthday party Kirby had attended). Today on the mailing list of that group, someone wrote "I loved what Sylvia said about Holly on the slide--she turned to me and said 'Holly DROVE here and now she's playing on the slide with the little kids. Only an unschooled teen!'"

That's three reports within twenty four hours, all involving participation with other people regardless of age. Cool!

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Anonymous said...

Sandra - so cool! I love it when people notice how cool my teen is. He really is cool, like yours! Last week I had two friends tell me how much they enjoy talking to him and that when they were getting ready to leave my house, he walked into the room and started talking to them and they wanted to stay longer. Unschooled teens (and 20 yr olds) are awesome!