Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Winter Things

We got two cords of wood yesterday. I love firewood, and fires, and wood. I couldn't touch it. I have a cedar allergy that's getting worse. Keith and I are singing, with three other friends, at a tearoom this Thursday and next, and I really, REALLY can't be sick. I have to be able to sing and not be coughing and woozy, because as it turns out, people are paying big bucks for this "special event." There's food too, and all, but it's a big responsibility. I'm even staying out of the cedar hot tub until after we're through with performances. We have two tearoom performances, one at the Midwinter feast here (SCA thing), and we're carroling on Christmas Eve. After that I won't worry so much about being a little sickly, in the warmth of cedar fires and all.

But because of my allergy and caution, Keith and the kids moved the wood from the front driveway around to the back, and the kids stacked it.

For years I've had the thought "This might be the last time they're together," and they keep being together again, which is cool, but I know that anytime, from the time they were little, might have been the last time they were together. So I got as close as I felt I could safely to all that cedar dust, and I took some photos of them all together for what might be the last time.

Oh! And one more winter thing, for those who play neopets. Don't forget the advent calendar freebies all month.

That won't be there anymore.

Oh. I just looked for the first time at the announcements and tearoom site. I thought we were one of several Christmas events. Seems not so much. I don't know why I'm feeling so pressured about this project.


Anonymous said...

I love the idea of a cedar hot tub.

Anonymous said...

I like the pics. :) They make me smile. And so do those kids of yours. Greet them all from me.

Oh, and I wish we were closer. (I've said it before and I'll say it again.)Would love to hear the carols. You're sold out!

Anonymous said...

I have really wanted to go that little tea room but Sorscha will have none of it (something about girl dresses and sitting quietly). heehee

Have a wonderful night and sing, sing, sing!