Monday, December 25, 2006


We had a nice Christmas.

Christmas Eve, Keith and I went to carol at eight or nine places, all decided in advance and scheduled by our friend Chris, with driving times and directions all printed out. We started out on the far end of Rio Rancho and worked our way back toward uptown, and the Tramway corner, leaving about 4:45 and getting home at 10:30. Long night. Pati, one of our five, was sick, so it was me, Beau, Chris and Keith.

Meanwhile, Kirby was playing WoW to get double honor points. Marty and Holly had gone to see the luminaria in Old Town, and they took Sadie, Brett and Susan/Rose. There were carollers in the gazebo and Marty & co. went up to join. By the time they found the song in the booklet without page numbers, it was done, and one of the organizer-singers said they needed a cheery song. Marty asked if they knew Green Grow the Rushes, O. They didn't but were willing to learn, and Marty led the whole group in that, and then they went back to the booklet and sang until the Old Town officials turned the lights off in the gazebo. Marty said Brett, Sadie and Holly knew the song too, so he had backup in case he got confused.

When Kirby heard they had gotten to sing, he was sorry he hadn't gone.

We had Christmas stockings, because Marty wanted to. For the first time, nobody woke up early (or at least the kids didn't), so I got to sleep until 9:30 or so. Keith was up reading by the fire, and Marty woke up and got the other kids. The gift opening was the nicest for years (and it's always pretty nice), and then I made apple/banana pancakes and we all ate together. The kids were watching An Evening with Kevin Smith--Evening Harder and laughing away.

Holly and I went to our friend Charles' house to watch the third season of Little Britain. Charles is in the U.K. visiting his family, but his all-regions DVD player was still home and we had the keys. We couldn't figure out at first how to get the furnace going, so for the first hour we huddled under a blanket with corn bags (I knew the house would start off too cold and took cornbags). If we go back to watch more, we'll know to open the thermostat case and turn it to "on" instead of just setting the heat higher. Little Britain is fun but disgusting. We like Lou and Andy, and Vicky Pollard. The McNeill's brought us Season 3 when they moved back from England. We saw four episodes today and that was a lot.

I like that it was busy but overall very still and peaceful.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Sandra--

I happened onto your blog in the homeschooling blog ring. We live in Sedillo. I am sorry we missed Old Town this year! Doubly so because of the spontaneous carol!

Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday!

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

***Meanwhile, Kirby was playing WoW to get double honor points.***

That's what Alec was doing too.

Which was fine we had already had our holiday together, had already had celebrations with my family and Tim's. He was very happy to be able to get the extra points and got some awesome armor much quicker than usual. :)