Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Marty at work, and some food!

There are larger images under these if you click.

This is within sight of where Kirby worked before he moved to Austin.

Here's the food Keith and I had:

The building has a kind of building within the other building. The floor seating is around a fountain in this room with a cloth canopy ceiling, and the there's a regular open-girder ceiling over all, painted black, up above that.

And here's Marty doing his job. He used to make leather boots and pouches, and then for a long time he worked at the grocery store near our house, then he had a year for traveling and running around, and now he's working at a beautiful Persian restaurant. In the second one, you can see Keith in the distance, at the table by the window (if you click it, maybe).

Sadie works there too, and is the one who let Marty know there was an opening. I tried to get a photo of her, but I was going flashless, and she moved FAST. She's in these two, always near Marty's spray bottle, by coincidence. (Not by it physically, but in the photo...)

The food was VERY good. Here's the restaurant's website. (I should get a discount for this glowing review!) (I can't get there tonight, but have in the past...)


Susan May said...

Love the video!

Anonymous said...

Isn't that an awesome place??!! I ate there with my brother Lee and his kids in March ... and I even have video of him dancing with the bellydancer! Yea for Marty and Sadie! Lori

Happy Campers said...

You are such a wonderful mother. I love the way you realate to your children & delight in sharing their daily lives.

Did Marty have to learn lots in order to work there? I checked out their menu, & boy, it's a whole 'nother cuisine and language!

Our 19 year old in in college, & has worked at a fast food joint the past two years. We always like to visit for a meal, & I often take pictures/video. He humors me & I'm glad I can capture those moments of him at work as a teen :)

Rinnyboo said...

Hey, did you know you were listening to Debussy on the piano in the background in the video?

I enjoyed seeing the restaurant and Marty at work.

Thanks for sharing.


Sandra Dodd said...

The piano sounded real (I mean sounded like a full wooden/wire/iron real-thing but it was an electric keyboard. I was surprised. The guy played mostly modern stuff, and very pretty. He did a couple of Beatles things and would be working all the parts in. He was doing some from music and some by ear. He did something by Green Day (and he was an older guy--50's or so, I guess) and "Under the Sea," and a Billy Joel thing, I forget which. He started a boogie-woogie but didn't get too far into it. I asked him what that was, and he said just a habit he had of using that little riff to end a set. He went around and talked to everyone to take requests.

The menu is long, and Marty did bring a paper copy home, but he's bussing tables so he doesn't need to know much yet. He says he never wants to wait tables, just bus. He's better with that, he thinks, than with people. He makes good tips anyway, as he gets a cut of each of the servers he works with and last night there were three waiters and just him bussing.

Thanks for the nice comments, all!