Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

Keith has left already, so "weekend" started on Wednesday. He's off to Grand Outlandish, which he's only missed once for eye surgery. Marty's there too, helping put up tents, but he works tonight, so I have several more hours to make three more ham and cheese bread puddings for breakfasts (medievalesque, and doesn't need any preparation or cleanup)—one more cooler can go with Marty in the morning.

Last year I went and we had a big-deal camp with full kitchen, and Kate Holford (in green at the end of the table) our head cook (me, lovely assistant).

That was then, this is now. Kate couldn't come this year, so a couple of months ago we dismantled our plan for another big fancy camp, and Keith, Marty and Brett (in black at the left of the table) will camp with other friends. They'll eat out of coolers. Not shabby stuff at all, but not hot meals served on pewter, either. Poor guys.

They'll be home Monday, early to mid afternoon. Keith wants guacamole when he gets home. He already bought the avocados. And I'll clean the hot tub and have it hot for Monday night.

While they're out camping in the dusty hill near scenic (not very scenic; really) Edgewood, New Mexico, Holly and I will be home, where she will go to parties (and a concert was in the plan, but it was cancelled),feed Sadie's and Brett's dogs (that's Sadie, tall and blonde, upper right of the photo) while they're camping, talk to her boyfriend on the phone, listen to the Beatles and commune with her fellow wizards on the internet.

Me, I will feed my own dog and cats in a leisurely fashion, work on webpages, do laundry, work in the yard, watch anime (Fruits Basket was recommended on one of the discussion lists, so I put it at the top of netflix, for the "weekend"), and otherwise lounge about.

My paternal grandmother's family is having a reunion, in Roby, Texas this weekend. I"m not going, but I sent a packet of updates and photos for them to read and put out on a table somewhere. One of the photos is Marty and Holly at my dad's grave, at the national cemetery in Santa Fe.

So that is my real Memorial Day moment; sharing a memory of my dad. His name was Kirby Lynn Adams. I hope any of you with cause to be reminded of losses are comforted, and that all of you with opportunities to party out and celebrate life do it extra much. Peace and love to all o'ya'll.


Anonymous said...

Sandra, I found here through Diana's blog. I'm using one of your quotes in my blog header, because I loved it so much. :) I'll come more often now.

Sandra Dodd said...

Thank you for the honor, but take my name off!! I was quoting an AA slogan (or insult, more like). When people talk too much in a meeting about what used to be, or about future plans, someone is likely to say "If you have one foot in the past and one foot in the future, you're pissing all over today."

It is indelicate, and it's not my original thought. Bummer. I have some other original thoughts you might like. :-)

Quotes and not all mine, but all of unschooling parents (and maybe a kid or two).

kelli said...

Oh, Fruits Basket, Alec and Abbi watched that and really liked it. He says you might want to watch the subtitled version, not the dubbed one. The acting is so much better with the actual voices. And he says he hopes you like silly :)

Have a great weekend!