Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Days flying by

I started to recover from the wonderful visit with the Sorooshians, and we went to dinner at Kevin and Beth Fuller's house, to hang out with Ben Lovejoy. That was total fun and lasted a couple of hours longer than I'd expected, which was fine with me if it was fine with Beth! I fell asleep as soon as we got home.

I got up this morning and started reading the e-mail and forum I was already behind on, and my sister called and I spent the next nearly eight hours with her (and Holly was with us most of the time). I expected to see her about an hour in the afternoon. But it was a blast.

So I'm tired and I have a headache and Marty's birthday party is tomorrow, here, and I need to sort/clean/stash lots of the things we got at Savers (my sister's primary Albuquerque destination), and we had coupons for big discounts and Keith and I were running out of jigsaw puzzles we hadn't done, and, and..

Here's what my sister Irene looks like. She's three years younger than I am:

Here's her car and my car (the one Holly usually drives; I'm without a personal car of my own since my mini-van ceased to function well and was donated to charity).

Here are the shoes we lined up, in the middle row. They were all the same size and some pairs hadn't been worn. They were all beaded and embroidered and sequined. We rearranged the shoes so they could sparkle all in a row.

I hope to catch up with e-mail.... Oh wait. Marty's party is tomorrow. Thursday, Kirby leaves. I hope to catch up with e-mail Friday, because Saturday night Dan and Jocelyn Vilter are passing through town and they're coming for dinner. Cool!!!

After that I would love to have a week of absolutely nothing, but Monday I pay for some upcoming dental work, Tuesday Holly and I go for eye tests, and Friday I spend hours at the dentist.

THEN, maybe, I hope I have a week of nowhere to go, no one to see, nothing to do. Odds are slim, but I can hope.


gail said...

Wow!! Your sister could be your twin! How cool to hear about all the visitors. We'll be there in a few months so rest up :-)

Pati Nagle said...

I want those shoes!

Christa said...

I love it, too, when there is nothing on the agenda.

The second row of shoes is lovely, and your sister does look way like you!