Saturday, January 10, 2009

Good feedback, exhaustion

I felt guilty sleeping today, because Pam was driving to her house from mine, and I was sleeping. In the time I slept, she crossed Arizona.

Good thing I slept!

I woke up to this e-mail from my friend Kathy, who was there with me when Holly was born, who was one of my La Leche League leaders when Kirby and Marty were babies:
Lily and I were at the mall looking for ballet shoes (for her!) and went in to Zumiez. We asked for Holly Dodd, and the guy said she wasn't in. He had a big smile on his face and said "How do you know Holly?" I said "We are friends of hers." He said "She is AWESOME!" I said "I know."

Keith and Holly are sitting in the hot tub in the bright moonlight. I went out and talked to them a while. I might get in myself, but it makes me sleepy, and I've slept too much already today. Everyone else is out and about. Holly's going to watch SNL in the library and fall asleep up there, after the tub. Keith will sleep and go to fighter practice tomorrow. I won't be surprised if Kirby and Marty stay out all night with their respective friends, sleeping elsewhere.

Last night there were fourteen people in the house at once--sixteen overall in a few hours' time. Tonight it's me inside, Keith and Holly outside, nearly silent.

Here are some photos from the past few days.


Madeline Rains said...

I love that picture of you and Pam at the top. You look like wise leaders from another realm coming through a time tunnel (we just watched "Time Bandits" for the first time) to check on your diciples. You guys should put it on a card that says "Unschooling Gurus".

Sandra Dodd said...

Well... thanks? :-)

I came to say that this morning Marty's in his bed and Kirby's asleep on a futon in what used to be Holly's room (Holly claimed his room after he decided not to move back, because it has a bathroom and walk-in closet). So I predicted they'd stay out, and wouldn't have minded, but they came home. Cool.

gail said...

Love the pictures. Isn't it nice when they're all home..:-) Brenna will be home tomorrow for a couple of weeks I think.