Thursday, January 22, 2009

Holly, Obama, Shrinky-Dinks

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The timestamp on this is that President Obama was giving his acceptance speech. I was trying to photograph the Shrinky-Dink art that Holly and Brett have been doing. Holly's done most of it, but they've had a lot of fun. At first they worked from the book that came with it, and then Holly started branching out to make gifts for people. Several have been given away already.

Turns out it's very difficult to get a good photo of shrinky dink art. Not only is it little and requires light, but you miss the texture and whole stained-glassedness of it. So sorry. These are just rough suggestions of the glory of those Beatles shrinky dinks. And I like the John Cusack one, which started out the size of the printout and is for a friend of hers who likes his movies.

The third to the last one was on the scanner with the lid up. It didn't work very well. The second to the last one is on a light table. That also didn't work as well as I hoped it would. So I held one up to the sky. Good for scale, not good for focus. But look how nicely I arranged the trees around my hand! Nice, huh? (I didn't notice it until two days later, so I'm joking about taking credit for it. It was a fancy accident.)


Glenda said...

Shrinky Dinks are so much fun!! Last year, kiddo and I made him a Pokemon necklace, I made someone some lotus-flower earrings, and we did a few other shrinky-dink things -- so much more fun to play around with than they were when I was a kid ;-). That last picture is really cool.

Lynch Family said...

I Love, love, love shrinky dinks! When I found the material in huge packs at the craft store I did a jig right in the aisle. What is the book they have been working from? Their stuff is gorgeous!

gail said...

I love Shrinky Dinks! I have earrings and both Logan and Brenna have made some cool things. We have the Klutz book and I just keep buying extra packs of the "paper".
Love the pictures.

Tracy said...

Your post has given me inspiration. I haven't done shrinky dinks in years and I'm not sure if my kids EVER have!

Deanne said...

I too am a huge Shrinky Dink fan. Loved seeing Holly's projects. The bracelets are my fav.

Heidicrafts said...

My best Shrinky Dink handy hint is to trace a full-sized ruler, then shrink it.

If you need a shrunken piece of particular dimensions, measure what you need as the finished product with the Shrinky Ruler, then draw it to those measurements, using the full ruler.

Besides, a Shrinky Ruler is so cute.

Even fuzzy, the Beatles look fab. I love how Holly just dives in feet first with a project. Great fun.

Happy Campers said...

The bracelets look awesome!!!