Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Live Chats (an experiment)

Long ago live chats on unschooling were cool. Lately other things have been better for unschooling information, but some people still miss live chats.

Today there was one announced in an immediate way and over 20 people came through over a three hour period. I'm going to do two more and maybe will decide to keep a regular schedule of chats.

Thursday at 11:00 a.m. at my house (I hope clicking this will give you the time at your own house) there will be a two hour chat on younger children. If you'd like to share good ideas of things to do with children who are two, three, four years old, please come here tomorrow and there will be a link to the open chatroom. I don't know how to reserve a chatroom for the future with a link yet. Sorry.

Friday at 6:00 at my house (try this if you're not in Mountain Standard Time) I would like to chat for two hours about how and where people learn about unschooling and what would make it better. Save this link and I'll have a link to the chat here when it's time.

I'm using an AIM chatroom. It's possible to read the chat without logging in. There's some sort of observation window possibility, and I don't think you even need an AIM ID for that. I could be wrong. If others went to today's chat and have suggestions or knowledge about what does and doesn't work, please post a note here. Thanks!

If these two go well, we can have lots more. If they're too lumpy and bumpy and more trouble than they're worth, I wasn't doing so much this week anyway.


Shel (in NZ) said...

Cool, that will be 7am (Fri) my time...but I have no idea what to do...I'm sure I will work it out, if I just remember to log on :0)

Bea said...

You don't need an AIM ID, you can register as a new user on the spot.

Anonymous said...

I went to the chat room and read but wanted to talk. I had my screen name in the box but not my pswd which i forgot since it's a automatic sign on when i use aim. I reset it and got in there a little late. I think the chat idea is great. I am a slow hunt and peck writer tho :)
Heather G.

~K~ said...

Thanks for having this, Sandra. I do think this can make it better for unschoolers who don't get to talk with other unschoolers live very much. I enjoyed getting in on the last of the food chat tonight. Thanks again. :)

unschoolingsupermom said...

I really enjoyed chatting for a little while this evening Sandra. Thanks for throwing this out there for us to try. I would keep chatting or even start one if there was something I was looking for.

Jen said...

Maybe I'm being really really slow here, but I can't find the info in this post or on the website that explains where this AIM chatroom is. I *just* got an email about it on a local unschooling list. I think the chat is about to start and I would love to participate, or maybe see a transcript...

adreanaline said...

I would love to listen in too -- it's 12 CST, no link? I'm ZadreanalineZ

melisa said...

Hi. I have a 20 month girl. Besides reading to her and playing are there any skills i can start nurturing in her? What do you suggest we could be doing at this age? (my main language is Spanish, hope yo get what i mean).
thanks. Anyone is welcome to answer!!! :p

Sandra Dodd said...

Melisa, I put your question here, and I invite you to join that list and see some suggestions if you're not already on it:

Happy Campers said...

Thanks for hosting the chat today...that was fun!!

~K~ said...
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~K~ said...

Ok. I laughed at the PG-13 rating for this blog... your comments were funny, Sandra, and then there was an unintended joke at the end of the page elsewhere. I consider it a bonus.

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