Sunday, February 01, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday (I don't really care, but...)

So I don't watch football, but a lot of my friends do. Yesterday I was in the grocery store about 5:30, Saturday, to get just a few things. Few carts were available, lines were long, and the aisles were packed, as if it were the the day before Thanksgiving, or July 3 or something. I hadn't thought about "super bowl shopping," but there I was in a sea of same. I wonder if there are similar not-really-holiday shopping days in other places and parts of the world...

I'm getting excited about a conference in Tempe, Arizona on March 7. I started taking notes for my talk and making a list of things to take. Kirby will be there, and Holly, Holly's boyfriend Brett, and possibly but not as for-sure Marty. Pam and Rosie Sorooshian will be there. In the morning, I'm speaking first at 9:00, then Pam, then Kirby in another room right after. Lunch. Keynote (Grace Llewellyn), teen/young adult panel, then me and Pam and our kids after that. VERY full day. It was originally to have been a two-day conference, but scheduling conflicts lost them the Sunday meeting space, so it will be a super-filled one-day marathon.

Brett and Holly
Today I've made a pair of pants for Marty to wear over his leg armor at an SCA war (Estrella) he's going to with his dad in a week and a half. I'm going to make him two or three other things before then too. I cleaned the hot tub; no one's using it tonight, but tomorrow night it will be all sparkly. And I'll clean it again during those days Keith's in Arizona (the kingdom of Atenveldt, I mean) with Marty.

Laundry's running, Holly's watching The Simpsons upstairs and working on Shrinky Dinks, Keith is in the library working a jigsaw puzzle and watching the game. Marty is at Sadie's house, I think; maybe Jeff's. He's somewhere watching the super bowl. Brett is... quiet. Maybe he's playing WoW, or napping. He hasn't had a day off for a long time, and I bet he's very tired.

Tomorrow morning there's a chat on music, 9:00 my time, link in the left column.


kelli said...

I'd love to come over to the conference. To listen to you and Kirby and Pam and her fam. I even mapquested it.. about a 28 hour drive.. heh. Probably not gonna happen.

I bet it will be a good one!

gail said...

I actually looked up airline tickets last night as we have 4 free AirTran tickets and they fly into Phoenix. I have a good friend there to stay with
but it seems like such a long way for a one day conference. Would love to be there, though.

Wee Wah said...

It's a 24 hour drive for me...and I'm doing it!! Looking forward to hearing you again.

Sally said...

Tell Brett he looks like a hunk in that pic with Holly!