Friday, February 13, 2009

Holly, mountains, circus

Okay, Holly and Brett went to the circus. I'm at home doing important things, like... washing the shot glasses we bought at the thrift store. Feeding the birds. Looking around the yard for places to put hanging tomato planters. Emptying the photos off my camera, which leads to sharing things like this with you. One of the most boring slideshows of all time, *unless* a person is really bored, or has never seen an in-town tumbleweed, or both.

Added February, 2009 to the tumbleweed post on some other blog I have.
"A tumbleweed by the road on Indian School near Pennsylvania. Not tumbling. Just being. On the right near the car ahead, in the first of the three photos:"

And I saved some mountain photos from the past few days, to illustrate a Donovan song, and what's been going on outside. Possibly as boring as the tubleweed, but I like it.

First there is a mountain...

then there is no mountain

...then there is.

The first one I saved because of the two big lines of clouds, all symmetrical and all. On flatland it's hard to get scale on clouds, but these clouds are up higher than a mountain that's a mile high and four or five miles long (high I know; length I'm guessing). Strongbad is on the window as a scarecrow to birds who might fly into it.

Then there were me and Holly earlier today:

And the other day on Facebook people were writing what smelled good to them, and I was inspired to make bread, and thence cheese sandwiches for me and Brett. The bread is "spaghetti bread"—Italian seasonings and parmesan cheese. The toppings are tomato, scallion, sauteed mushrooms and avocado with Swiss cheese. THAT is what Facebook has done for me lately.

And then my computer. I have a laptop now, after never having had one. And here is the setup I was using the other day to edit the WoW chat with Kirby—the file open on the desktop and the editor open on the laptop. In case anyone pictures me very organized and living in a pristine environment cleaned by my administrative assistant and file clerk, you share my fantasy, and now I will share my reality.

But here's some more reality: That chat is readable, as are the ones with Pam and with Ren (still being tweaked, but available). WoW, Pam and Ren. Maybe a little messy, but not as messy as my office is.


Bonnie said...

Those pictures remind me of when I went to Arizona last year and saw mountains for the first time. I kept taking pictures and going "OH MY GOD A MOUNTAIN!" My friends were a little confused, but being from Florida I'd never seen anything but flat land with lots of trees. Mountains in the distance look cool.

lotusbirther said...

I love mountains too, the best places in the world to be! We only have hills where we live now but in the snow, like now, they do seem more mountain-like.
Sandra, I have nominated you for a Lemonade Award for bloggers with great attitude and gratitude. You might have to do a little bit of digging to actually find the view of the award to post if you wish to do so but your presentation at least is on my blog Embracing Life.
Thankyou for your tireless work in making unschooling a reality for so many other families.

Momof5 said...

Thanks so much for your great posts! I love to see that others are just as (ahem) organized as I. I'm thinking of firing my assistant and file clerk.....hmmm, where did I put them? Anyway, love to see the pics of your fam and the wonderful area you live in. We used to be in So. Colorado so Albq. was our closest airport. Love to see it! Reminds me of home.

Happy Campers said...

Beautiful pics of the mountains...and we love Strongbad!