Thursday, February 19, 2009

La la la, my website is down...

It's kind of a creepy feeling. isn't there. That's where I work.

P.S. a few minutes later:

Never mind. It came back while I was posting the note above. Cute!

I knew it would be down for four hours overnight, but it was still down at 8:45 in the morning at my house.


Tracy Million Simmons said...

Glad it's up again!

I'd like to share the word about your school to unschool chat with some friends, but I'm not figuring out the time thing. Is it not posted, or am I just not looking far enough?


Sandra Dodd said...

Click the chat link in the lefthand column, either the art/icon which will take you to the schedule page, or the specific chat title which will (now that I've fixed it) take you to the page for that chat--with a count down clock, and also a time translator--the clock with a question mark.

Click that question mark clock. Put your own time zone in the second area. You can register and save so that every time you open it it will show the time at my house and then at your house.