Saturday, February 07, 2009

Contentment, Abundance and Joy

I left this comment on a blog and then I thought it's bigger than one blog and one comment:
It's easy to go blog to blog sometimes and find more and more cynicism and hateful criticism of music, art, neighbors, the weather, politics, history, and of hope itself.

But unschoolers blogs!? NO, they're about joy and smiles and peace. I love that.
These were right next to each other when I went to catch up on blogs:

The Bharadwaj Knights
Abundance and what it means to me

AND The Kitchen Sink!

And here's a sweet link to baby Trevor's first attempt at locomotion, in a video with sound:
He Moves

Alex Polikowsky shared images and memories and this:
A Happy Childhood does last forever....make the most of it for your kids!

Crystal Miller told wonderful stories of her relationships with older neighbors, of gates in the fences and walls between their houses, and connections in their lives.
Have you heard the BUZZ......
That is definitely worth the few moments it will take you to read it. It would be worth an hour.

All over the world (real world and internet both) there are noisy folks feeling virtuous and clever about working themselves into a froth and a frenzy about what's stupid and what they hate and what's wrong. Without changing my location, I can look in another direction and see the unschooling network of blogs, e-mail lists, forums and (yes, I'm still excited) my new chat, and all the things those hook into, and the places the people go when they leave there. We're onto something big. We are creating and maintaining an international co-op for helping to see the beauty and the power in everyday, peaceful, happy learning.


Heather's Moving Castle said...

You are so right! I stopped reading most other blogs for that reason. I love being uplifting and not dragged down. Thanks for the links. ;o)

Miranda said...

Thanks for the reminder... The challenge really is how to make lemonade out of the lemons and to always keep that perspective no matter how many lemons are tossed your way.
Oh, and tell Holly she is more than welcome to visit anytime! Fantasies are the beginning of reality in my world!

Happy Campers said...

I think the "trend" of Mommy bloggers especially is to spew your dislike for your children, your husband, your in-laws, the weather..anything! I personally don't understand it sometimes...

It's refreshing to read your blog & others like it b/c there's goodness to be found :)

Christa said...

Oh alright, I'll stop whining about the weather. We did have fun making a snowman today, and the temp should get to near 50 tomorrow. There. Joy, joy, joy. :)

Alex Polikowsky said...

Sometimes people come visit me and they complain that my farm smells like cow manure or more politely just mention the air fragrance. I? I love that crap! Meaning the manure smell just make me happy and content!
Maybe all this smelling of cow pies explain everything.....
of how I don't complain very much. We are all dazed by it and feel very happy!