Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Holly and Marty

The artistry and weirdness of my wonderful children who are hardly children in any way anymore.

It's overcast and the world is jittery, Marty's at his girlfriend's house helping her put up a new tent for the first time, so when she goes to the Estrella War she can put it up for the second time. Holly's in the shower getting ready for work. Kirby's at work in Austin. Holly's Brett is at work at the mall. Keith is in the garage doing last minute stuff for his trip to Estrella (they leave before dawn tomorrow).

I am (for once, lately) the calming factor. Hooray for me! (And I'm glad when I need calming factors the rest of them are around so close and helpful.)

I need to go calm-factor that dog puke in the library, and those cobwebs in the sewing-room window now, with my Electro-Hydro-Air-Sucking Anti-Calm Machines.

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Sandra Dodd said...

I hope the setup of Ashlee's tent went very well, because she was leaving for Arizona earlier than Marty and Keith did, and Marty came home with the directions for the tent in his back pocket. It's a civil-war style cabin tent, kinda like the six-man U.S. army tents, but with a horizontal outside side-pole on top of three uprights. I'd never seen one just like that. I hope Ashlee feels she HAS seen on, or that she can wait until Marty and the diagrams get there.