Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fountain and unrelated cake

In Sacramento, to get from the room Kirby and I were in to the conference area, we passed this place every time. It was suddenly beautiful and musical, and then it turned to repeated stretches of hotel rooms opening toward parking lot with Costco past a fence. But each time, this:

Today I made a chocolate cake, from scratch, three layers. And I made a frosting recipe I hadn't made before, that involved cooking the cocoa powder and butter "until it thickens." I wasn't too sure about how thick was thick, but it worked. Tomorrow, Holly will take some of it with her to work, at Clare's house, because that's where the duck eggs came from that inspired the cake-making.

Also, as a bonus, candid photos of my kitchen today. Obverse and reverse of the scene of the cake.


Glenda said...

I'm not much of a chocolate fan, but I *am* hungry right now and that cake is looking seriously yummy! That'll be nice to munch on during the unschooling chat tonight :).

hahamommy said...

I have finally discovered the JOY of a cook book holder -- a Splash Guard?! Oh My! Adding that to my yardsale wishlist :)