Sunday, August 01, 2010

Where learning happens

I wrote something new that got commentary and feedback, so I figured I should put it where I can find it again. The "this list" referenced is the Always Learning list, the most serious ongoing discussion of unschooling ever, I'm pretty sure.

It's not that they are "allowed" to make their own connections. It's that ONLY they can make the connections, in their own minds. Nothing on paper is learning. Nothing recited is learning. Nothing in a conversation is learning. Nothing written on this list is learning.

Learning is putting information together in one's own head so that it makes new and different sense. It always and only happens inside the learner.

Anyone seeing that as a new idea might want to read here:
Actual photos of my actual children actually learning. For real:

They're grown now, but still learning.


Holly said...

That Holly is quite the poser....

rox said...

lol imagine that ! children learning ☺
I love Your website & blog
Thanks so much