Thursday, August 12, 2010

Synchronicity: Diwali and Data

This afternoon after several changes of plans and rearrangements, my visa arrived, meaning my passport was returned from the Indian embassy in San Francisco with an all shiny visa stuck in there. That's the good news. The bad news was that my hosts had asked me to come in late January through February instead, but I had already ordered the visa, which expires in early February.

I smudged it some, by pouring digital ocean water onto the secret bits with a clone tool.

But anyway, that's not the synchronous thing. Because I'm going earlier, I'll be there for Diwali, in early November. So I had been looking at photos this morning. Then the visa came. Then I made reservations and sent notes with arrival and departure to people in India saying I was looking forward to experiencing Diwali!

And then, while sitting here printing and saving and messing with my itinerary and receipt, I'm also watching Star Trek TNG as I've been doing on and off for several weeks. I'm in Season 4. Data's Day. Data says... "a celebration of the Hindu festival of lights..."

Well sure he would! Why not? (And don't give my any statistics or heebie-juju.) It's just one of the merry entertainments available to the easily amused.

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