Wednesday, October 06, 2010

New Camera, Owls' Eyes

Holly helped me find a camera I liked, and here is the first photo taken with it.  Marty took it, in my office, as he was setting it up for me.

Here's the guy who set it up for me, and here's how happy I was:

It will do this.  My phone camera will too, but this one does it better and more easily:

Here is Holly, in the place where she works:

And here is the coolest thing I learned today, from looking at an owl skeleton that was mounted in the children's hands-on room at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science:

I learned that their eye sockets are extra deep and very round.   I knew they faced front, but they seem to be even more "face front" than people's are.  (The talons were awesomely big, too.)

The camera, before someone asks, and while the stuff is right at hand, is a Sony Cyber-shot, DSC-H55.


Vicki said...

excellent camera choice. It was almost the same model as one of mine I just had stolen. Hope you enjoy it! :-)

Sandra Dodd said...

Vicki, I read about you losing your stuff at the airport. I'm so sorry about that. I had a long bad dream about setting my laptop and camera (even before I bought it) down somewhere and walking away and not remembering where I had been, exactly, and knowing they wouldn't be there. Long dream. Yuck.

Glenda said...

I love the picture of Marty and especially love the picture of you -- lots of happiness in that smile :).

I know I mentioned it in the chat Wed. night, but the owl skeletons are COOL -- crazy-huge eye sockets!!