Friday, October 22, 2010

Teeny touch of France

Really, I saw very little in Paris but airport shuttles and long, long terminals. But I did see a cute little orange toilet (with matching tile details) and a type of women's dress I had never seen before.

Not much story to the toilet, actually.

But the clothing was different.  The skirt was appliqued and then there were a few mirrors in a pattern above that.   it had a hood, with a large gathered cowl.  The hood tied under the chin like a bonnet, and the cloth was turned back a little around the face, too.   When the lady reached up I could see the skirt was just a kind of wrap-around skirt, and she was wearing another kind of shirt or dress under it, also blue, but different, softer material.

When I described it to them, Hema and Pradnya said it was a certain Moslem sect/region (I could ask again tomorrow), and that it was covering her full set of clothes.  So I guess it's travelling coverings.   It was striking, and different, though.  It's tacky to be taking pictures of people that way, but she's all covered up from this angle anyway.

Much time passed; then I got to India, and that moves to the other blog:
Sandra in India. What I saw I couldn't well photograph. Hundreds of painted trucks, on a highway in the early hours of morning.

More pictures there after I sleep and visit and the sun comes up.


Glenda said...

Very stylish bathroom! Much prettier than your typical public restroom in the States.

That clothing is beautiful. I wonder if the mirrors are done with shisha embroidery?

Sandra Dodd said...

Notes saved for myself. :-) From a chat, about Paris airport.

Sandra Dodd: The terminal/gate, was a little waiting room, and a bus drove us around the very large airport to the C gates. C-88
Sandra Dodd: The further I went, the more Indians, so that seemed an indicator that I was going the right way
JennyC: I love large international airports!
Sandra Dodd: The skyways are glass, and beautiful, in Paris

Sandra Dodd: So we "board."
Sandra Dodd: They calls us, scan our boarding passes, we go up, up, into the glass skyway, turn a corner onto another glass skyway, and come to concrete spiral stairs. Down, down.
Sandra Dodd: Like castle stairs, but a little wider.
Sandra Dodd: They put us on busses and drove us.
Rebecca Allen: I was about to ask if you had to go outside and climb up.
Sandra Dodd: I thought they were going to drive us across the field to a plane.
Sandra Dodd: They drove us about three or four miles, to a whole 'nother field.
Sandra Dodd: crazy.
Rebecca Allen: Wild!