Sunday, October 03, 2010

Nice Guys Finish Nice

When Marty was eight and nine, he played ice hockey.  I was at a game once, with my friend Wolfgang.  Marty was plenty fast and confident on skates, and he could move the puck around, but he didn't hold on to it.  We asked him on the way home why he let the other kid get it.  He said "He really wanted it."  It was a kid on his team, but I think Marty would have let the kids on the other team have it if they really wanted it too.

He and Keith returned a bit ago from a weekend SCA tournament campout, Baronial Champions.  I had food waiting for them, and helped them unload.  I asked if they won anything, and Marty said he won... (did some multiplication in his head and said) 42 beers!  He was in a plunder tournament with a six-pack-of-beer entry fee.    But he also was made the Flower of Chivalry. This is an honor given to one person per year by the baroness, for courtesy on the tourney field.

If I find a photo of him getting that award, I'll add it here later.

(corrected 10/7/10 by Sandra...)

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