Monday, May 20, 2013

Thank you to those who helped fund Lori Odhner's Dogwood tree!

Lori has decided she would rather have two smaller trees than one big one.

To those below, who sent donations to help cover the cost of trees and planting by landscapers from Lori's town, thank you!! Some of you know me personally, some of you know Lori, and some of you helped because you knew my writing, or Lori's, personally.

1 Kristiva Stack
2 Davina Harrington (Australia)
3 Heather McLean
4 Karen James
5 Lydia Koltai (Lydia Lucas)
6 Christine Sanders
7 Torrance Pitcairn
8 Catherine Fox (Love in Action x)
9 Dawn Todd (Because your wisdom has helped me greatly. As thanks for that I would like to help you thank someone whose wisdom has been helpful!)
10 Melissa Yatzeck
11 Halfdan Bau-Madsen
12 Laura Bowman
13 Kandace Wright in NH
14 Jennifer Weed
15 Jill Brickman, Glenview IL
16 Laurel Wolfrum
17 Deborah Lewis
18 The Wyhowanec Family (Judith Stockinger)
19 Annina King
20 Heather Horgan
21 Andrea Cranch
22 Mel O'Leary (in Maryland, wrote "I don't know Lori, but if Sandra thinks so highly of her, she must be a special person. Enjoy your dogwood!")
23 Jihong Zhang (Jihong Larson)
24 Marta Pires (in Portugal, wrote: "You're welcome. It's really just a small way of saying thank YOU to Lori and to you too, because I know you appreciate her so much. You guys make a difference in the world! :-) ")
25 Robyn C.
26 George and Eileen Mahowald
27 Marin Holmes
28 The Davis-Pitre Family from Seattle WA & West Hartford CT
29 From Trisha Tinker's Family :)
30 Matt & Tori (Manchester,UK)
31 From Jennifer Hensley, who much appreciates all the wisdom that has trickled down to me from some wonderful women willing to give their time. I am a better wife and mother because of it. There is no greater gift than that. Thank you.
32 Sarah Clark, UK
33 Monty Kerr and Heather Booth
34 Tamara Shand
35 Shada Sullivan
36 Beth and Sean Lawing

On May 20, I sent $450 to Cranch Landscapers (I sent a bit less, actually, because Mrs. Cranch made a donation as well, bringing the total down a bit).

I'm grateful to all involved, and grateful to Lori Odhner for her continuing inspiration.

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Lori Odhner said...

What a generous gift!!! Thank you VERY much all of you!! It will be delightful to enjoy the beautiful white blossoms for many years and to think of you. My father was given a Redwood tree by his congregation years ago and I love to remember those people when I see it. Now I have a tree too!!!