Sunday, November 25, 2007

cat, watermelon, and background problems

This isn't an announcement of new pages. I really did mean to put this on my own daily-life blog.

Working on webpages a few weeks back, I accidentally deleted my backgrounds folder. Most of the stuff was older, and I use photobucket now more than my own site for images. I think the main unschooling page looks better without that pattern I had had since my page was on some old free hosting site I can't even remember the name of anymore.

But anyway, I discovered today that one of the backgrounds that was gone was the photo to the right.

We've been writing (and have before, and will frequently in the future) about reading, and how kids learn to read gradually but naturally, and seemingly suddenly, when they become fluent.

Lately I've begun to feel fluent with html. I used to panic a bit when I didn't know what to do. Things were awkward and frustrating and flustering. Today when I noticed that watermelon gone, I knew to look at the source code, find the image name, and search on my computer. It was there. Now it's back where it was before, too: How Unschoolers Watch TV. Jacki's daughter had done a BEAUTIFUL meal, and it's documented there.

I lost the background to this page, too: If you give a kid a Nintendo... which has a photo of Crystal's cat that I'm also going to use for the Lyrics Game

...but luckily, now I know how to find images from code. And if I can't find it, I can make another one.

It's good to feel a surge in competence. As I get older, that might happen less often, so I'm trying to savor the feel of this one. I can read html by looking at it! Woohoo!

The down side is that I feel I should go through all my pages and fix what I didn't understand before. Eventually, if I live long enough, I guess I might. But I keep adding new pages, and that seems more important that upgrading older ones.

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Heather's Moving Castle said...

Aren't you special!! Thanks for the late blog comment a few weeks ago about the youtube blog post I made last year.

I made another post with your name in it on 11/25/07. Basically, that you are one of my mentors among many in the universe (with a link to your websites). I'm grateful to your ideals in regard to children, and how you have put your ideas out there.