Friday, November 02, 2007

Holly is Sixteen Years Old


That's pretty old for a baby. My third of three children is sixteen today. She's gone to a movie, and I'll be asleep when she gets home, and for a mom, that feels kinda...

I'm wordless. I have the feeling but not its name.

Holly and I spent most of the day together, went to eat with Keith, watched most of a movie, I admired her birthday greetings on MySpace and watched her play Halo3. We talked about important things, and goofy things, and I enjoy her company, but I am no longer her source of food or her shoe-tie-er. I'm not even her driver; she got the car keys and left merrily.

I feel less crucial, but not less appreciated, which is a pretty good deal. For a mom, that feels kinda wonderful.

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Erica said...

Happy "belated" 16th Birthday Holly!!!

Tracy Million Simmons said...

16! Happy Birthday, Holly. My baby turns 7 on Monday and I'm still having trouble turning that one around in my head.

Miranda said...

Tell Holly Happy Birthday, belated, from us! My nephew has the same birthday.