Friday, November 30, 2007

Quote Generator is Working!

THANK YOU SCHUYLER! has a random quotes generator! I have fewer than 50 quotes in it, but will add more. It's kinda fragile, as things go... It took me a long time to find the little errors that were keeping it from working.

In the course of getting it on that page, I messed with other formatting, so the page isn't as... stable? Familiar. Something about that page I don't like... (to be heard in a Zoombinis voice). Holly and I are going out to see a musical at the university so I'll have to mess with it later, but still I'm very excited that the quotes can be seen, and that more can be added (v-e-r-y carefully).


Schuyler said...

In my browser, Internet Explorer, the quotes are taking up too much of the page and pushing the tree headed column to the side. Is there a way it can be at the head of the page so that it can stand alone?

It is cool though!

Sandra Dodd said...

I can make the font smaller, but if you mean the page title, I moved it to top left, and left the trees at the top of the center column.

I think Marty's PC has IE so I'll look at it on his. We designed it to look good on Holly's small-screen Firefox set-up.

Thanks for the heads up.

Schuyler said...

Now it looks good! Applause, applause.