Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Images of Marty

There are several pictures of Marty on Diana Jenner's blog here: Down near the bottom there's a highlighted "enjoyed" that's a link to more Marty photos.

Each time one of my kids is appreciated or bragged up, I get a little internal mom-commission. It's wonderful to see them reflected in others' eyes, and words, and photos.

I appreciate those who were generous with Marty, gave him rides and places to stay, fed him and let him experience a different part of the country and make new friends. Thank you all!


Ronnie said...

I have one of Marty, too, down near the bottom of this post:

He was so awesome that weekend!


Zenmomma said...

We loved having him here, Sandra. Take your mom points with joy. :-D

Sandra Dodd said...

OH DARN. The blogpost with the photos is gone (in May 2011). Just can't count on the internet to hold still.

Ronnie's is still there.