Sunday, March 16, 2008

I've been Alphabetized!

A - Available?
Married; I need a job; I wouldn't mind being taken out to dinner. (Available for what, I would need to ask.)

B-Best friend?
For everyday life, Keith Dodd
For unschooling, Pam Sorooshian
For SCA, Jeff Cunico (well, for SCA Artan)
For hanging out and paying attention to for the past year, Ben Emerson / Dermod
Philosophy buddy, Jon Ibarra/Balthazar
Movie friend, Wendy Dodd (but she moved so I watch more DVDs)
My kids are close and they do lots of "best friend" kinds of things with and for me.

So I guess the answer is no, I don't have a single best friend.

C-Cake or Pie?
C is for Cake. And Chocolate!

D-Drink of choice?
When and why?
Hot tea if it's morning.
Dr Pepper if I need fizz.
Iced tea at a restaurant.
Milk with that chocolate cake I'm thinking about now that I was asked cake or pie.

E-Essential thing used everyday?
Computer. Bed. Toilet. Eyes? Air.

F-Favorite color?

G-Gummi bears or worms?
None. No gummi anything. Those little fried eggs they have in Europe, maybe. Or those peach candies.

Where I had my childhood friends and went to school and grew up and lived in my early 20's, Espanola, New Mexico.
Where I've been longer than I was there, though: Albuquerque

People Magazine as bedtime reading.

J-January or February?
January, for Marty's birthday on the 14th

K-Kids and names?
Kendall Kirby, Martin Alexander and Holly Lynn Dodd

Kid life, teacher/former teacher life, mom life, SCA life, unschooling-writer life, music life, fantasy life...

M-Marriage date?
March 31, 1985 1984 (sorry)

N-Number of siblings?
One and a half.

O-Oranges or apples?

Dentists, but because I don't like the sounds and smells and the out-of-controlledness. I go, but I hate it and dread it.

Everything counts. (Quoting the bottom of my blog; a good all-occasions thought.)

R-Reason to smile?
My family!

I love spring in the spring (bulbs coming up), and fall in the fall (fresh food and good smells) and I love winter (snow and fireplace) but summer isn't so good. I like summer early in the morning when it's still cool outside.

T-Tag three people

U-Unknown fact about me?
I hate to tag people and usually don't. Wait, that's a known fact.
I won a poster contest in 7th grade. I think I got a $20 savings bond or something (hey.... where the heck did that go!?) for a poster with two clowns, one short and one tall and leaning over across the top, and it said "Tall ones, small ones, everybody's going to the..." (I forget what now, some fundraiser in town). They didn't reproduce it. They just used the actual posters kids made in various stores around town.

V-Vegetable you don't like?
Bell pepper

W-Worst Habit?
Taking too much and too fast and interrupting. Terrible. I should take stupefying, chill-the-heck-out drugs.

X-X-rays you have had?
Dental, broken leg (and a series to check the progress), broken ankle (which they screwed back together, so no series of progress-x-rays), sinus infection mystery once (mystery pre-x-ray, anyway), abdominal mystery once. Probably others.

Y-Your favorite food?



diana(hahamommy) said...

The far side of next-door's duplex has been empty since we moved in last October... The landlord was coming back to his apt and I asked about the couple I saw checking out the place, saying "they sure look like nice hippies" He told me they're from New Mexico & I told him of our connection to NM and said it was a sign, he should rent to them :D I met them a few days ago... they're from Espanola! I may be the only person they meet in OR with an Espanola connection :D
~thanks again for making my world bigger and smaller at the same time! ♥

Anonymous said...

today I bought minigummibears in Germany, solely because of the Hedwig and the Angry Inch connection. the store had nothing but gummi candy, including lots of fried eggs; others shaped like coke bottles, milkshake glasses, cherries, fish, worms and bears and apples and bananas... I like gummi sweets all right, but really, it was just about Hedwig for me.

Frank said...

Hi, Sandra,

Thanks for visiting that cesspool of my subconscious which I blithely call my blog. I appreciate you introducing yourself there, but although you don't know me, I certainly know you. My wife is Ronnie/Dragonfly and your son, Marty, has even spent the night at my house.

Meet ya IRL sometime, I'm sure.

Sandra Dodd said...

Oooh, you're Mr. df ?? COOL!

Yeah, come on over. We're home. (You probably live 1,000 miles away, but if you're passing through, go to my website /house and then you can find us.)

Frank said...

We're about 1500 miles from you but we travel a lot. And we have other friends in Albuquerque. It's a lovely city and area. 2008 is incredibly pre-booked for us but we may do some raodtripping in 2009.

Sandra Dodd said...

I think I was married in 1984. Kirby was born in 86, I broke my leg in 85 (the first of two times)... I think we had a year of normalcy before that (and six years of normal living in sin before that.

Ria said...

We have an amazing amount of things in common...including our anniversaries; with a 9-year difference. : )

This year is our 14th.

Happy Anniversary!