Thursday, March 27, 2008

"Water my yard with swords"

On Wednesday nights in winter we've been having SCA-related get-togethers at our house. This week there was swordplay!

We had three swords, eight sword-wielders and 42 plastic gallon jugs full of water.

One of Marty's best above, and Holly being coached by her dad, below.
Several other still photos and videos are at

This one is short and good and then scary. Keith made two very fancy cuts, but on the second one the sword flew out of his hand toward Jeff, and I was afraid it had hit him. That's my little squeal in there. I'm not much of a screamer. It was only later I realized it could have hit me or Holly. Quinn was standing up on top of the hot tub, so she was safer, but still. Scary!!

When these guys use SCA/rattan swords they often have a little loop and they have a finger or thumb through that, so some of their shots seem dependent on that. Jeff's sword flew once, too, but not at anyone (or at least it's not preserved in motion picture form).


diana(hahamommy) said...

One more reason ABQ was on the short list of places we want to live ♥

Schuyler said...

Simon and Linnaea and I loved watching these yesterday. Thank you for posting them.

kelli said...

This looks like an amazing time. I wish we were closer. I think Alec would have loved it.

Frank said...

Looks like big fun! I do iaido and when we do cutting we use rolled-up tatami mats in an exercise called tameshigiri.