Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I'm grateful for...

This Wednesday's gratitude list, and a link to last week's.

A review so I don't repeat myself:
Holly safety, water, toilets, washing machine, cars. Internet, Keith, singing, hot tub, children.

Okay. Besides those?

1. I'm grateful that our house doesn't leak. It has in the past, and it may in the future, but right now these days—not leaking.

2. Our house has a fireplace that works, and we have firewood. I love that. (The photo is from last year. The couch is moved, the mending is done, and we're down by one cat.)

3. I'm glad for an oldies station I listen to while I'm working in the yard, or driving. Real Oldies 1600. Seriously. It helps me play the lyrics game.

4. I'm grateful that people come and play The Lyrics Game with me, and that Photobucket recently added an option to arrange images most-recent-first, because that has made my image use WAY easier, and I can get new posts in there without much trouble at all. (Today's word is "light.")

So I guess #4 was actually two things, but I've saved one for #5. I've not said anything about politics except that I was tired of people asking me about it, but here's what I have to say now, having voted in private and trusted that people could tell quality from poop.

5. I'm glad that it won't be so embarrassing, for a few years, to be an American.


Bonnie said...

I echo your number 5 wholeheartedly. This feels like the America I knew and loved as a child.

They took our oldies station away a few years ago, and we miss it terribly. I grew up listening to it and it was always the only station my mom and I could agree on. (Though we listen to the 50s and 60s stations on XM now. But it's not the same.)

gail said...

I liked # 5. Very nicely said and echoed here.

Tall Kate said...

I like the gratitude ritual -- I'm attempting to do it as I'm falling asleep each night, reminding myself of all that I have to be grateful for. But especially I like your #5. It's huge, isn't it?

Jenny Cyphers said...

There is just something about cats and fires in fireplaces! It's so cozy. Now if I could just get one of my cats to stop using the ashes as her litter box!!!!! Oh, maybe that's why a lit fire is so much cozier... cat can't use it for it's nefarious purposes...

I love the picture!