Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Jasmine's Birthday

Our friend Jasmine turns 18 today. On Sunday, there was an airsoft battle at Doc Long's picnic area in the Sandias, and Holly represented our whole family there. Here's Holly at the rendezvous point to be transported to the mountains:

That night, the paintballers met the elderly, cowardly and too-young at Garduño's at Winrock for the feast.

The surprise was there was a small mariachi subset, three guitars and great singers.

This one shows my kids and has my booming (because I was holding the camera) voice. I never tried to get a whole song, but just a sample, because who knows when little batteries will die, and who knows when computer uploads will choke on too-long videos, so these are all very short.

Jasmine's request (artist, not necessarily song)

The one below was made by Holly to show all of Jasmine's grandparents and her aunt Veronique. It also shows some nice guitar work and you can hear the harmonies.

And here is Sophie, Jasmine's little sister, dancing as usual. And her dad, Leon, our host, and the father of a newly-18-year-old!

Jasmine's is the family Holly visited in England. We've known them as long as Holly remembers. I know the mom from the SCA, when we were both very active and she was my student until she was a Mistress of the Pelican (yeah, blah blah blah to those who aren't SCA; sorry). Helene, the mom, is standing, with blonde hair.

I didn't get a good photo of Jasmine, but I know there were many cameras there. She shows in the videos, for those who know which one she is. She's the third or fourth from the far end of the table, across from the musicians. She's wearing glasses and has reddish hair.

Here are Holly and Brett just before Holly left for a group interview at Zumiez at Coronado Mall nearby (with activities, races, performances, laughter, and evalutaions of various secret sorts). Marty and Brett and I waited a long time for her to come back and get us. She found out the next morning that she got the job.

Marty was back from a long day of fighter practice in Santa Fe (the day after coronation, so people from all over the Outlands) and then a Thanksgiving dinner at Pars, where he works (given by the owners for their friends, relatives and employees). The owner's wife was getting drinks and clearing tables, which seems to have been uncomfortable for the employees who were told to sit and let her wait on them. They had enchiladas and local New Mexico food, so not turkey, and not the Persian and Mediterranean food they usually serve, either. Then he was home long enough to kill some mutant zombies or whatever is occupying Washington DC in Fallout3 before heading for another party. Life's hard sometimes for Marty. I was glad to have some time with him. He's really out and about lately.

These are the kinds of times I'm glad to document in blogs—moments and ages and sights and sounds that someday will be in the distant past. I hope these blogs last, so Sophie can find this and see herself dancing. Sophie McNeill I'm adding, so in the future she can google herself. (Hi, Sophie-in-the-future! It's okay if you don't remember me.)


Sandra Dodd said...

Sorry to those who saw this early. I reformatted the post six or ten times, trying to get it to fit in two columns. Apologies to those with small screens. Maybe I can let it settle now.

Leon, Helene, Jasmine, thanks again! It was great fun.

Happy Campers said...

Hi Sandra! I know you don't post blog "awards" on your site...but I wanted to share with you that I left one for you on my blog anyway! I truly feel inspired by your unschooling & really appreciate your openness in sharing your adventures!


When I had to think of my 5 favorite blogs, I couldn't leave yours off! :)

Sandra Dodd said...

Thanks for the nice review and blog link! I put it up above left, but for other people who come by here, here's the link lit up.


After a while I'll move it down to the link storage area ("Where babies burp and flowers bloom").

Happy Campers said...

I hope it didn't offend Kirby that I said "nearly grown" :)

Guess it stems from having a 20year old & not willing to admit that HE'S grown now... :)

And, for what it's worth, you weren't #5 in rank...I was just listing. :) I really love your blog & educational beliefs!

gail said...

I haven't been missing New Mexico in a while ....but seeing the videos at Gardunos really made me want to be there and have a Green Chili Something!