Friday, November 21, 2008

JCSuperstar, Friday

Last night we saw Jesus Christ Superstar in Alto, New Mexico. Alto is a kind of suburb of Ruidoso, which can't really have a suburb, having no "urbs" to speak of. We went to The Spencer Theatre, which is ten years old, high-tech, and in the middle of relative nowhere.

I'm going back. And I want the tour, but tours are never held on the same days as performances.

Earlier in the day when it was still light we passed through several very small towns on our way to Alamogordo to have lunch with Keith's parents, and let them meet Brett. We went and saw Keith's brother at work, briefly, to be familial and to introduce Brett.

Anyway, before we got to Alamogordo, there were many tumbleweeds I botched videotaping (sorry), but there's a bit of a peek at central New Mexico, maybe Corona? (One of those little towns between Moriarty and Carizozo.)

I missed making a video of tumbleweeds bouncing across the parking lot and into and over that motorcycle. A small one is still up against it, and a big one shows between the building and that pickup. (Clickably enlargeable.)

I made this video two hours before the show. Then we went back to Ruidoso to eat. Had I done it again nearer showtime, there would've been a stream of headlights on the two-lane highway on the horizon there. The theatre is that sit-up structure to to the right in the distance at first, and the lights to the left are the parking lot. When I go back again I'll plan to photograph more stuff. I'm so honest I left my camera and phone in the car during the show, and so except for the glass sculptures pre-show, I got nothing. I don't have the sneaky-gene, but the show was really good and there's a link to some of their images below.

The website of the theatre is Production images from the tour's website.

The glass sculptures and sculptor are named and described here:

1. The last band I saw live was Al Yankovic, or the pit orchestra from JC Superstar last night, probably more fairly to say.

2. What I look forward to most on Thanksgiving is ... potatoes? I've never really looked forward to Thanksgiving much. I don't dread it, I just don't 'celebrate' it. I like the food, though.

3. My Christmas/holiday shopping is mostly done and mostly secret.

4. Thoughts of everything I've ever thought fill my head. (It's kinda full in there.)

5. I wish I could wear my favorite clothes for years without them ever wearing out.

6. Bagpipes are unfairly maligned, but can be wonderful outside at a distance and I have fond memories of Rick Felix and his Umbrian pipes, and of another friend of ours playing some little electronic bagpipes, long ago, at a coffehouse in Phoenix.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward tohaving the hot tub ready for Marty when he gets back from work, tomorrow my plans include more of the merry fabric of my unpredictable life and Sunday, I want to write a book and design and make lots of clothes (but my eyes are always bigger than my calendar and attention span)!

And now the gratuitous least-useful image from yesterday. It's a giant pistachio sculpture in Alamogordo. It looks kinda like a desert version of Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors. The voices are Brett and Keith, and the laugh is Holly.


Deanne said...

That pistachio does look kinda like Audrey II.....creepy!

Mandaroo said...

I wonder if the same artist made the glass chandelier we saw at the Mingei in Escondido (CA):
It was pretty amazing...

Frank said...

Sounds like a lotta fun! But your photo of Chihuly glass work reminds me that I've been meaning to do a compare-and-contrast post among Chihuly (local boy - Seattle area - makes good as artiste), Murano (love watching skilled individuals create with 500-year-old techniques and tools), and Waterford (Capitalist factory mass-produced glass from piecework-paid employees).

Hmmmn, maybe I just did a compare-and-contrast in one quick sentence!

kelli said...

I just love those glass sculptures. When we were in Charlotte NC in October there was a grouping of them behind the front desk at the hotel where we were staying. I admired them and thought, man, I'd love to have some of those! Later that day Kyra and I were looking through a gallery and saw some for sale... eek. OK, so I can't afford "some" of those, maybe 1 hehe..

The tree glass sculpture (It looks kind of like an evergreen) is amazing!

Anonymous said...

THe Pistachio is pretty incredible
and definitely a landmark!!!