Saturday, March 28, 2009

Cat & Computer

I didn't notice Shadow, our skittish black cat, on the back of the couch when I sat down. She usually bolts when people come near, but she stayed and is letting me use her as a headrest.. She didn't leave during flash photos, either. Wow.

Nobody's awake but me. Marty stayed elsewhere. Keith was planning to go to the mountains to help clean up a camping site, but it snowed there yesterday and it will be too muddy, even if the snow melted.

Last night Holly and I saw Mama Mia from great seats, two seats over from Triaria and Samuel (Terry and whatever Samuel's real name is; maybe Sam ), and that was fun. The tickets were a gift from Holly's Brett. It was a very fun show, and we chatted with all our neighbors during intermission, speculating about what the holes are in the floor in the renovated theatre (Popejoy Hall). New seats, removeable covers on holes in the floor we figured finally (but not as excitingly) were ventilation/cooling. Holly bought a t-shirt, and I got her a lapel pin by donating to a fund for Broadway actors with HIV/AIDS.

Today my only plan is to work on web pages. That might not seem exciting to some people, but it is to me!

The lyrics game word today is "Pirate," and there are photos of Kirby and Marty dressed as pirates, and again years later, bigger boys, still dressing as pirates. Above that is Ashlee, Marty's girlfriend. There's Cyril Ritchard doing Hook's Waltz from Peter Pan (if you can see Youtube videos from where you are), and then there's one of the characters that created much of the pirate costuming ever after, Long John Silver (this one by Orr, in the 1930's, but there are other well-known illustrations), and then the singingest musical pirates ever: Ruth, Frederick and The Pirate King (portrayed here by Angela Lansbury, Rex Smith and Kevin Kline).

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