Friday, March 13, 2009

I sent a tumbleweed to Florida

I'll come back and add a photo of it when it was here, and some comments, but for now, people might be able to go there and see the photos of it in Florida, IN the house, on the mantle. Yikes!


Oma said...

When I was 16, we were living on a farm in Kansas, and Mother decided we should have a tumbleweed for a Christmas tree. Dad drove her countless miles for days until she found just the one she wanted. (Don't they all pretty much look alike?) She spray painted it silver and hung decorations on it, and was so pleased with her efforts!

Heather Greek said...

It was on the mantle but the "fireplace" is a electric one and we haven't had the heat on :P
I am thinking of hanging it up from the ceiling...maybe.
How did ya like the photos?