Wednesday, March 25, 2009

TV art from Diana Jenner

Sent from Diana today, image named "Venice Beach":

The e-mail heading was: Subject: Cool TV art
and Diana wrote "Thought you'd like to stash this somewhere - a visual mantra :) "

I figured I'd stash it here where others can share it.

Tonight on TV I watched Ian McKellen play King Lear. That play is still baffling and depressing to me, but I watched it like taking medicine. I watched it dutifully, hoping it would make me a better literature-loving person, and a better Shakespeare-knower. It still didn't make much sense. But I still have a warm bed and a nice husband, and my children are honest with me and love me, so I don't mind that King Lear is still a crazy story.


Frank said...

Try Kurosawa's movie "Ran." Maybe it'll hold together better as a Samurai sensibility.

Sandra Dodd said...

King Lear is about a Samurai sensibility!? Crap; don't tell me I have to watch it again.

I saw "Ran" in the theatre in the 70's or early 80's or whenever it was new. I remember the cloth walls. It changed the SCA. People's camps started having cloth walls.

Robin B. said...

Or read Jane Smiley's "A Thousand Acres" - an Iowan farming family sensibility!