Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I'm a guest blogger today

I want a hat like that:

Or maybe I need the helmet on the piñata.

I am a guest blogger today on a conservative blog. I'm glad to have been asked, but I don't think unschooling ideas will help the readers of that blog have a good day.


I'm the first of a series that will include Mary Hood on Relaxed Homeschooling, and other people about classical and Charlotte Mason. The blog owner writes about eclectic unschooling already, on her blog. I suppose there might be other styles described, eventually.

The emphases and some of the paragraph breaks are by the editor/blog owner. I sent it straight. I kinda like the artsiness of larger font size and italics and all, but they weren't my choices.

Note on the picture and comment up top here. Kirby had a favorite book when he was little, called "I Want a Hat Like That!" with Grover (from Sesame Street) wearing different hats and imagining himself to be different things (astronaut, cowboy, artist...) That's Marty, in the photo, at my birthday party a couple of years ago.

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Frank said...

I read it and left a generic comment but I'm happy to hear you say you sent it "straight" and the blog owner did all that formatting. WAAAAAY too busy for my reading taste. It distracts from the content, IMO.