Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Very tired, Holly, and three-things thing

Having a two-day conference in one day is very, very tiring. Now I know. I was exhausted. I've slept a LOT since dinner Saturday. It was a good conference, though (HENA, in Tempe) and Kirby Dodd was there! And getting to hug and smell he-who-was-once-my-only-baby is energizing.

It's Tuesday and I still don't feel recovered. Holly has a new job. Now she has two jobs. One is half job (unexpected) and half learning a craft (which is what I requested, and offered to pay for). So I offered to pay a flower shop near us to let her work there, or to train her. I gave them links to some of her online artsiness, and asked whether she could somehow hang out and maybe help with the Mother's Day/prom season. I didn't hear for a few days, and then just heard "I'll get back with you." On our way to Phoenix I talked to Keith and he said the owner had called, very enthusiastic. He told her to call on Monday, even though she had wanted to call us on the road.

So yesterday she called me, and then talked to Holly a while, and we walked over for a tour and Q&A session, and then back to take Holly's paperwork and copies of two forms of ID, and she'll be working for money on Monday afternoons, and going in to help and learn a few other times each week, at two different flower shops! One has a designer who's American and trained for a month (plus lots of on-the-job experience), and the other shop has an English designer who trained for a year. Both are willing to show Holly some of what they know, in exchange for her assistance. WOW! More than I expected.

She still is working at Zumiez, too. She's there right now. And then there's another possibility:

When we were in the Phoenix area, we went to visit an unschooling family that needs live-in help. They're thinking it might be helpful to have an unschooler rather than the professionals but not-unschoolers they've had. Holly is under consideration for that. It would start in June and go six months. How do I feel about my youngest possibly moving away? Depends whether I'm being selfish or not. Unselfishly, I see it as a great opportunity for her to learn and to stretch her wings. Selfishly? I might be cheated out of the last few months of her being 17, and when she comes home she'll be 18, and all "nanny nanny boo boo." (Oh, did I mention that my selfish feelings are all about my childish feelings?)

If she does go to Arizona for six months, it would be after the spring floral rush season, and Zumiez might want her back for Christmas rush, if she were to want to come home instead of staying there. (All if/if iffy on that situation.)

But enough about Holly. Here's some more about me! (Meme-thing from Frank, who got it from Ronnie:)

1. SandraDodd (like it's all one word, since Kirby was little)
2. AElflaed of Duckford
3. Mom

1. English teacher
2. Office manager and trainer of data input people in ancient days
3. CEO/ED of a non-profit organization

1. Fort Worth, Texas
2. EspaƱola, New Mexico
3. Albuquerque, New Mexico

1. Desperate Housewives
2. Eli Stone (I hope I get to watch some more of that)
3. CBS Sunday Morning

1. Bonfield, Ontario, Canada
2. England (mostly Cambridge and Kirk Ella)
3. Juarez, Mexico

1. San Francisco, with Holly maybe (she hasn't been; I have)
2. England again, in July, and maybe more if I get the chance!
3. Austin to see the house Kirby has moved into

1. potatoes
2. chicken
3. green chile chicken enchilada, egg over-easy on top

1. going to London in July
2. going to San Diego in September
3. the Symposium on Unschooling in Santa Fe in January (this is the first public mention of it)

1. Rat (Biggie)
2. Dog (Awshoo, and others later)
3. Cats (Sam and Pippin, and others later)

1. The Beatles
2. Weird Al
3. Flight of the Conchords

THREE FAVORITE TEAMS TO WATCH (The teams I watch most frequently, not necessarily my favorite sports or teams per se)
1. Skating pairs (each pair's a team, I guess)
2. American Idol last ten or so (kind of a team, by that point; a cutthroat last-man-standing team)
3. Dallas Cowboys (I don't watch them much, but when I watch I think "Jeff thinks this is wonderful" and I try to understand why)

1. Tea (hot or iced)
2. Dr Pepper
3. Chocolate milk made with Hershey's syrup and whole milk. Not skimmed down; not storebought chocolate milk.

If I get to visit Frank someday, I'd like to taste "Hot malt Ovaltine with a generous slug of Bailey's topped with a healthy goop of marshmallow cream."

If alcoholic drinks was the real question:
1. Margarita with more orange base than other citrus
2. a regular margarita
3. Bailey's


Mandy aka Mandaroo said...

I wish I had made in out to Hena, but I was still a bit under the weather...maybe next year. Am really looking forward to meeting you out here though, in Sept.

I will be heart broken to see my girls leave someday, but at least it's a long way off still ; ) What great opportunities Holly has. The florist job sounds like it'd be fun (if I wasn't so allergic to flowers!!)

Mmm, green chile chicken enchiladas, one of my faves! With a big gob of sour cream on top too!

Alex Polikowsky said...

Well Sandra now I really need to get a hold of some Brazilian Ovaltine to make some yummy foods and specially drinks for you and Frank!
As I wrote to Frank, the Brazilian Ovaltine is amazing and crunchy !!It just seems like a fabulous excuse to get two of my favorite people together so I can meet them!

Sandra Dodd said...

I'm up for that, Alex!

Mandy, it was exhausting and I was raggedy by the end of the day. For the talent show I did The Titanic, with singalongs parts, and my hand was too tired to change chords sometimes. September should be more relaxed.

Frank said...

Hey, Sandra!

Glad you survived your exhaustive event and thanks for playing this one.

I'd love to have an unschoolers' party with some Brazilian Ovaltine! (Assuming that doesn't simply mean that the Ovaltine's pubic hair is serverly trimmed.) And maybe some yummy alcoholic drinks, huh? But what? Nobody wants to try my "ditch water?"

P.S. I did the squares meme on FB and now I'm going back to bed, trying to cough up a lung. I HATE being sick.

Happy Campers said...

I just had to say I had to double-take on Frank's definition of a Brazilian Ovaltine...gross! :) hehehehe

Sounds like you have jet lag without the time change!

FLO said...

Wow, what great opportunities for Holly. I'm excited for her! It's good that she has two shops to learn in because she'll be more discerning. I had some training but was taken under the wing of someone with an advanced degree AND forty years of experience. It was amazing. I'm sure she'll love it! The only side effect I disliked immensely was the loss of the ability to actually smell flowers. (I can again now!)

And I was just wondering today about your symposium. Will there be more news soon?

Jennifer Fink said...

What wonderful opportunities for Holly! I hear you on your conflicted Mom feeling, though.

All the best,

Lynch Family said...

So much great stuff in this post--not the least of which is confirmation that another person on this planet loves Dr. Pepper as much as I do! Ever tried it as a slushie? Yummy!

Ronnie said...

If we make it to Good Vibrations like we're hoping to, we'll bring the Ovaltine, Bailey's, and marshmallow creme!

newmeximom said...

Have a 17 yr old daughter at home too! We enjoyed Kirby's presentation @ HENA & are loving the Holly updates! Inspiring!
and SOoooo excited to learn about the upcoming symposium in Santa Fe... will be looking for details!

Jane_hates_Dick said...

Sandra, we really enjoyed hearing you speak at HENA (I was your reluctant time keeper), so thank you for that! I know we don't know each other, but if Holly would like contact information for another friendly family if she decides to accept the job in Phoenix, I'd be happy to have you pass on my email address and phone number. I figure you can never have too many contacts in a new city. :-)